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Inefficient Einstein


Yucky Mountain Man


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Handicapped Amish


Marginal Rastaman


Strange Mountain Man


Well-adjusted Hippie


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Meet the

  • The Horny Beard

    To sum it up: Worked a long time for an Internet Agency as a designer and webdev.

    Got sick of this bullsh*t and became self-employed. Spent most of my “working” time studying crypto. Best f**king decision ever.

    Now The Mighty Dev and I dedicate our whole time creating Cardano Hipsters - with the intention to create something bigger that remains in the future. To know more about The Mighty Dev check him out.

    And if you folks wonder what I look like, the picture at the left is my driving license picture.

    We have a strategic plan its called doing things.~ The Horny Beard

  • The Mighty Dev

    Since I first got my hands on a computer (back when we still had dial-up modems to download illegal music from torrentz), I was stuck to building stuff for the interwebs.

    Working as a professional freelance engineer for Startups and SMBs, I collected 6+ years of precious experience building webapps used by thousands.

    Now I'm getting my hands dirty on Web 3.0, and I think Cardano will be the unrivaled platform to do so!

    On the right you can see a picture of me before attending a dirty Techno Rave.

    Let the computer be my canvas and the code my paint~ The Mighty Dev

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    Those hipsters will be minted under a different policy ID.

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